Animation Cel Drawing Mickey Mouse in Plane

The Mail Pilot is a Mickey Mouse cartoon by Walt Disney Studios that debuted on May 13, 1933. Mickey Mouse the mail pilot is entrusted with a chest of money. He battles rain and snow, but his biggest battle is against Pete, who has a plane equipped with a machine gun and a harpoon cannon. Mickey’s plane quickly loses its wings and propeller to Pete’s armaments, but he improvises and continues to fight. At this point, Pete harpoons him, and Mickey Mouse drags Pete through a bell tower, demolishing Pete’s plane. Mickey Mouse delivers the money to Minnie Mouse and brings Pete to the authorities.

Film Title:

The Mail Pilot

Image Title:

Animation Cel Drawing Mickey Mouse in Plane
Year: 1933
Studio: Disney Studios
Width of Image = 9.75 inches
Height of Image = 5.5 inches
Width of Art = 12 inches
Height of Art = 9.5 inches
Price $900
The animation in The Mail Pilot is outstanding, taking dynamic angles, shooting the camera straight on at Mickey flying in the rain, looking up or down at the planes in flight and making sure to keep the action in full focus.This is probably the most dynamic of the Mickey shorts in quite some time. This features Mickey as the dashing hero, a role he has not played since his earliest appearances. Certainly, he gets menaced and is the underdog, but he resorts to quick thinking, trying to make his downed plane into a helicopter with a jury-rigged clothesline or taking the propeller off a windmill to power his plane.
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