Animation Cel Drawing of Sleeping Beauty as Briar Rose

When Princess Aurora is born, in the Walt Disney film Sleeping Beauty, the evil Maleficent puts a curse on her which will eventually result in a sleeping death. The three fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather take the infant princess off into the woods, to live secretly in a cottage as a peasant girl named Briar Rose. On Briar Rose’s sixteenth birthday, she is sent into the woods with her basket to gather berries. This is an extremely pretty and large image 16-field animation drawing of Briar Rose.

Film Title:

Sleeping Beauty

Image Title:

Animation Cel Drawing of Sleeping Beauty as Briar Rose
Year: 1959
Studio: Disney Studios
Width of Image = 7 inches
Height of Image = 6.25 inches
Width of Art = 15.5 inches
Height of Art = 12.5 inches
Price $900
Sleeping Beauty is based on the fairy tale “La Belle au bois Dormant” by Charles Perrault, and was produced by Walt Disney and released in 1959. The Sleeping Beauty (French: La Belle au bois Dormant, “The Beauty sleeping in the wood”) by Charles Perrault or Little Briar Rose (German: Dornröschen) by the Brothers Grimm is a classic fairytale involving a beautiful princess, enchantment of sleep, and a handsome prince. Written as an original literary tale, it was first published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697.
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