Animation Cels and Production Background of Peter Pan & Captain Hook

Peter Pan is another full length animated film produced by Walt Disney. It is based on the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up by J. M. Barrie and was originally released on February 5, 1953 by RKO Pictures. Peter Pan is the final Disney animated feature released through RKO before Walt Disney’s founding of his own distribution company, Buena Vista Distribution, later in 1953 after the film was released. Peter Pan is also the final Disney film in which all nine members of Disney’s Nine Old Men worked together as directing animators.

Film Title:

Peter Pan

Image Title:

Animation Cels and Production Background of Peter Pan & Captain Hook
Year: 1953
Studio: Disney Studios
Width of Image = 12.5 inches
Height of Image = 9.5 inches
Width of Art = 17 inches
Height of Art = 11.25 inches
Background: Production Background
Price $20,000
At the end of the film, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell confront the pirates and rescue the Darling children. Peter and Captain Hook engage in a mano a mano fight, and at the climax, Peter cuts the rigging and traps Hook in his own Jolly Roger flag. This is a very large production set-up , with cels of Peter, Hook wrapped in the flag, and the rigging, along with a beautiful watercolor production background of the deck of the pirate ship, including cannonballs and more rigging.
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