Cartoon Movie Poster of Sleeping Beauty

While this insert movie poster is smaller than a 1-sheet poster, it includes all of the characters in the larger 1-sheet, and other famous scenes from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. These include the dressmaking scene with the fairies, Princess Aurora pricking her finger and falling under Maleficent’s spell, and Prince Phillip awakening the sleeping princess with true love’s kiss.

Film Title:

Sleeping Beauty

Image Title:

Cartoon Movie Poster of Sleeping Beauty
Year: 1959
Studio: Disney Studios
Width of Art = 14 inches
Height of Art = 36 inches
Price $600
Before animation production began, every shot in Sleeping Beauty was done in a live-action reference version, with live actors in costume serving as models for the animators. The role of Prince Phillip was modeled by Ed Kemmer, who had played Commander Buzz Corry on television’s Space Patrol five years before Sleeping Beauty was released. For the final battle sequence, Kemmer was photographed on a wooden buck. Among the actresses who performed in reference footage for this film were Spring Byington, Frances Bavier, and Helene Stanley.
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